PHOTAREX K400 Flash Head Kit 2 x 400Ws + Strip Softbox + Beauty Dish 55cm

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  • 150W modeling light
  • 5 Stop Variable Power Range
  • Color temperature 5500±200K
  • Photocell Slave
  • Bowens S-Type Reflector Mount fits many Light Modifier
  • Includes Reflector
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Integrated Handle with Umbrella Holder
  • User Replaceable Flash Tube
  • Intuitive Controls


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  • 150W modeling light
  • 5 Stop Variable Power Range
  • Color temperature 5500±200K
  • Photocell Slave
  • Bowens S-Type Reflector Mount fits many Light Modifier
  • Includes Reflector
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Integrated Handle with Umbrella Holder
  • User Replaceable Flash Tube
  • Intuitive Controls

The PHOTAREX Flash Head K-Series is proof that a powerful Flash Head does not need to be expensive. The K-Series provides enough stored power to easily manage all kind of setups. It has features found on Flash Heads that cost twice as much. This Flash Head has a five-stop power variator. It accepts Bowens Flash Head reflectors and head accessories. Power is adjustable in 1/10 stop increments, from full to 1/8 power. The K-Series is available as part of several complete lighting kits.

This Flash Head has a limited "Auto Dump" feature, which automatically resets to a lower power level. Built-in optical slave "sees" the light from other flashes, and fires this Flash Head automatically. A refelctor is included. Its recycle beep tone may be switched on or off.

Model/Maximum Watt Seconds (Ws) K300 = 300
K400 = 400
K500 = 500
K600 = 600
K800 = 800
K1000 = 1000
K1200 = 1200
Guide Number (m/100 ISO) K300 = 58
K400 = 65
K500 = 70
K600 = 80
K800 = 88
K1000 = 98
K1200 = 108
Power Control 5.0 Stop range; 1/16 to full power
Super Sync (HSS) yes; with High Speed Trigger (available as accessory)
Modeling Bulb 150W (E27 base)
Accessory Mounting Bowens S-Type
Mount Compatible PHOTAREX, Bowens S, Walimex VC / K + DS, Mettle, Jinbei, Aurora, Quantuum, Visico excel, Fancier, Calumet and many others with Bowens S-Type Accessory Mounting
Built-in Slave Cell Optical
Flash Duration (t=0.5) 1/1,000s
Color Temperature 5500°K +-200°K
Ready Beep yes
Operating Voltage 230 V, 60 Hz
Fan Cooled Yes
Cync Socket 6.35 mm
Recycle Time (min. tp full power) K300 = 0.5 bis 1.0s
K400 = 0.5 bis 1.0s
K400 = 0.5 bis 1.5s
K600 = 0.5 bis 1.5s
K800 = 0.5 bis 2.0s
K1000 = 0.7 bis 2.5s
K1200 = 1.0 bis 3.0s
Circuit Protection 5A fuse (K1000/1200 10A fuse)
Sync Voltage DC 12 Volt
Mount 5/8" (16 mm) stand mount and 8.0 mm umbrella mount
User Replaceable Flash Tube yes
Triggering Test button, sync cord, optical ffffff, wireless remote port
Auto Dump Yes
Digital Display Yes
Ready Indication Illuminated Button
Integrated Radio Trigger no
Aluminum Housing Yes
Dimensions(without reflector) 210mm x 125mm
Weight (g) 1300

PHOTAREX Light Stand

  • 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Threaded Top
  • For Heavy Duty Light Heads
  • Two Sections
  • Buffer in each Section
  • Quick-Release Lever
  • Maximum Height 260cm
  • Maximum Load 12kg at lowest Section

The PHOTAREX LS280 is a very sturdy light stand. It can be raised up to 260cm height, yet folds to 96cm length making it very portable and great for strobist use.

The stand has metal tubing so is strong yet lightweight. Will easily support up to 12kg of lights with accessories at lowest section lock.

Quality Heavy Duty Light Stand
Adjustable By quick-release lever
Max. Load 12kg at lowest section lock
Höhe Min. Height: 110cm: Max. Height: 260cm
Closed Length 96cm
Weight 3000g
Sections 2
Attachment Size 5/8"
Buffer Buffer in each section
Optional accessories available in our shop Tripod Bag for 3 Light Stands and Light Stand Wheels

PHOTAREX Flash Trigger

  • 433 MHz Radio Signal
  • Wireless
  • For all Cameras with hot shoe (except Sony/Minolta)
  • Flash Sync Speed of up to 1/200 Sec.
  • Triggering distance up to 30m
  • LED Indicator
  • Test Button
  • Multi-voltage 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 3.5/6.5mm Sync Adapter
  • Pre-installed battery for the transmitter

Unlike the transmitter, the Trigger receiver doesn't use batteries and is instead powered by the same AC cord that's used for your Flash Head. Simply plug the end of the power cord into the receiver then plug the receiver's power cord into the head's power outlet. Finally, plug the PowerTrigger's attached 3.5mm or 6.5mm sync Cord into the flash.

Channels 4
Sync Speed max. 1/200 Sec., depending on camera model
Triggering Range up tp 30m
Frequence 433 MHz Radio Signal
Battery 12V-23A; pre-installed into the triggers transmitter
Voltage Multi-voltage 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
LED Indicator Yes
Test Button Yes
Camera Compatible all cameras with hot-shoe contact, like Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, Samsung and others
Color black

PHOTAREX Collapsible Reflector


This 5-in-1 collapsible reflector disc comes with translucent, silver, gold, white, and a black surface: the five most popular ones.

  • White, Silver, Gold, and Black Surfaces
  • One Stop Diffusion Panel
  • Durable and flexible Steel Spring Frame insures easy spreading and closing
  • Fits any Standart Reflector Holders
  • Folds to 1/3 Size for Storage
  • Carry Bag Included

The PHOTAREX 5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector Disc is a versatile light modification tool than can find uses in the studio and on location. This disc provides white, silver, gold, and black surfaces as well as a one stop translucent diffusion panel. The tool allows you to quickly and easily make adjustments to your lighting in order to get the look you want. Also, the disc is able to fold down to 1/3 its size and be stored inside the included carrying bag.

  • White provides a neutral soft reflection useful for fill light
  • Silver offers a neutral color balance similar to the white but with a higher contrast, increasing specular highlights
  • Gold reflects a warmer light onto a subject, useful to enhancing skin tones or balancing a cool scene
  • Black will block unwanted reflections and eliminate spill
  • The translucent diffuser lessens light power by 1 stop and will help create a broader, softer light source that will wrap around your subject

Shape Circle
Open Diameter 102 x 168cm
Folded Diameter 1/3 open size
Light Loss Diffuser: 1 stop
Surfaces Translucent, white, silver, black, gold

PHOTAREX Reflector Holder

  • Universal attachment to 10 to 170cm reflectors
  • Dual ball-joint for exact positioning
  • Flexible rubber grips provide a firm hold on the rim of the reflector, while locking knobs hold each tubular section in place

This reflector holder is useful in positioning your reflectors in the studio. It's very easy to assembly, simply attach the reflector to the stand via the reflector arm and it stays in place. This arm holder allows you to use a reflector without having someone to hold it in place.

Material Aluminium + ABS
Dimension Collapsed 730mm
Fully extended 1950mm
Color silver; plastic parts: black
Surfaces Translucent, white, silver, black, gold

PHOTAREX Strip Softbox

  • For Flash Heads
  • Narrow Light Spread
  • Compatible with Over 20 Flash Brands
  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Detachable Front Diffuser and Fabric Grid
  • Detachable Interior Clip-on Diffuser
  • Speedring Rotates 360 Degrees with Tilt Function
  • Very Even Light Distribution
  • Fits Speed Rings for Most Popular Brands
  • Colorfast Material
  • Waterproof Material
  • Fabric Grid Controls Spill Light, Narrows Beam Spread and Adds Directional Control
  • Carry Bag Included

The PHOTAREX Strip Softbox is a versatile light shaping tool for strobe light. When using it, both the front diffuser and inner baffle can be used for maximum softening of the output. The softbox has 2 forward-opening vents to dissipate heat. Removing the front and inner diffuser essentially turns it into a large reflector with maximum brightness and contrast.

The softbox has an additional control via a fabric grid which mounts to the recessed lip of the softbox with touch-fasteners. The grid narrows and concentrates the light's beam forward, controlling spill light and adding directional control to the its attributes.

Dramatically soften the light from your flash or strobe unit with this medium, which features a white interior for greater softening of the light. The strip shape are thinner than standard softboxes and creates a narrow light that is well-suited to accent and rim lighting.

Every PHOTAREX Softbox comes with a carrying case. The speedring can be changed to fit most popular brands.

Interior silver
Material Nylon; Speedring and Rods Metal
Mount Bowens S (included); changeable with other brands
Fitting Brands PHOTAREX, Bowens S, walimex VC / K + DS, Jinbei, Mettle, Aurora, Quantuum, Visico excel, Fancier, Calumet und andere
Speedring Rotates 360 Degrees with Tilt Function
Light Modifier Removable Inner Baffle, Front Diffuser and Fabric Grid
Colorfast Material yes
Dimensions 30x180cm
Weight 1300g
Transport Carrying Bag Included

PHOTAREX Beauty Dish

  • Silver Interior Beauty Dish
  • Includes Deflector
  • Optional Adapters for Most Brands
  • Includes Diffusion Sock
  • Honeycomb Grid Included

This PHOTAREX Beauty Dish Reflector Kit comes with a deflector, diffusion sock and a honeycomb grid. The kit was put together to provide photographers with a creative means to augment this unique light shaping tool.

The Beauty Dish offers a bridge between a softbox and an umbrella that yields soft but crisp light with snappy contrast and a textural quality that flatters makeup on models and accentuates character in portrait subjects. The secret is a included deflector that bounces the flash's direct output backwards, filling the shallow dish and casting a wide beam of soft light forward. This reflector renders natural-looking round catchlights in the subject's eyes rather than square or rectangular ones.

For a bit more control afix the provided grid to the Beauty Dish for increased directionality and spill light management. The grid gathers the light output into a large soft spot that allows you to create intricately lit background details and painterly effects. Yet another kind of light is available by removing the grid and slipping on the Diffusion Sock. This gives the dish a wider angle of coverage and softer detail while it masks the deflector which might be seen in the catchlights in extreme closeups.

Interior Silver, highly polished anodised finish
Exterior Satin black powder coating
Lighting Effect Round, natural eye reflexes; Average contrasts; Softer shadows than with a Standart reflector
Diameter 55cm
Weight Approx. 2000g
Material Aluminium
Mount Bowens S-fit
Honeycomb Grid + Diffuser Included in the box

Package Includes

  • 2 x PHOTAREX K400 Flash Head, AC-Cord 5 Meter, Modeling Bulb E27 150W, Reflector
  • 2 x PHOTAREX LS280B Heavy Duty Light Stand
  • 1 x PHOTAREX AC-04 Trigger - 1 x Transmitter and 2 x AC Receiver
  • 1 x PHOTAREX 5-in-1 Oval Collapsible Reflector - 102 x 168cm - with Carryi Bag
  • 1 x PHOTAREX Telescopic Reflector Holder for Reflectors from 10 to 170cm
  • 1 x PHOTAREX Dual ball-joint
  • 1 x PHOTAREX Strip Softbox 30x180cm with Front Diffuser, Inner Baffle, Farbric Grid, Carry Bag
  • 1 x PHOTAREX Beauty Dish - 55cmDiffusion Sock + Diffusion Sock

Control Range: 5 f-stops
Watt Seconds: 400Ws
for Camera: Universal
Studio Kits: 2 x 400Ws
Shipment weight: 19.2 Kg
Product weight: 17.2 Kg

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