NICEFOTO A300 Flash Head Kit 300Ws - Bowens Mount - Light Stand + Octa Softbox 95cm

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  • 150W modeling light
  • Fast Recycling
  • 5 Stop Variable Power Range
  • Photocell Slave
  • Bowens S-Type Reflector Mount fits Many Light Modifier
  • Includes Reflector
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Integrated Handle with Umbrella Holder
  • User Replaceable Flash Tube
  • Intuitive Controls

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  • 150W modeling light
  • Fast Recycling
  • 5 Stop Variable Power Range
  • Photocell Slave
  • Bowens S-Type Reflector Mount fits Many Light Modifier
  • Includes Reflector
  • Aluminum Alloy Housing
  • Integrated Handle with Umbrella Holder
  • User Replaceable Flash Tube
  • Intuitive Controls

The NICEFOTO A-Series of Flash Heads is proof that Flash Head do not need to be expensive. It is designed for photographers who want a simple and Rapid setup without having a complex digital display. The power can be Rapidly and precisely adjusted with the five-stop power variator.

It accepts Bowens Flash Head reflectors and head accessories. The rear panel is very straight forward and output is adjustable in 1/10 stop increments, from full to 1/16 power. The limited "Auto Dump" feature automatically resets to a lower power level. Built-in optical slave "sees" the light from other flashes and fires this Flash Head automatically. A reflector is included. Its recycle beep tone may be switched on or off.


Model/Maximum in Watt Seconds (Ws) A200 = 200
A300 = 300
A400 = 400
A600 = 600
Guide Number (m/100 ISO) A200 = 45
A300 = 58
A400 = 65
A600 = 80
Power Control 5.0 Stop range; 1/16 to full power
Super Sync (HSS) yes; with High Speed Trigger (available as accessory)
Modeling Bulb 150W (E27 base)
Accessory Mounting Bowens S-Type
Mount Compatible NICEFOTO, Bowens S, Walimex VC / K + DS, Mettle, Jinbei, Aurora, Quantuum, Visico excel, Fancier, Calumet and many others with Bowens S-Type Accessory Mounting
Built-in Slave Cell Optical; optional radio slave
Flash Duration (t=0.5) 1/1000s
Color Temperature 5500K +-200K
Ready Beep yes
Operating Voltage 230 V, 60 Hz
Fan Cooled No
Cync Socket 1/4" (6.35 mm)
Recycle Time (min. tp full power) A200 = 0.3 bis 0.8s
A300 = 0.5 bis 1.0s
A400 = 0.4 bis 1.5s
A600 = 0.5 bis 1.8s
Circuit Protection 5A fuse
Sync Voltage DC 12 Volt
Accessory Mount 5/8" (16 mm) stand mount and 8.0 mm umbrella mount
User Replaceable Flash Tube yes
Triggering Test button, sync cord, optical ffffff, wireless remote port
Auto Dump Yes
Digital Display No
Ready Indication Illuminated Button
Plug-in Radio Trigger Option yes
Aluminum Housing Yes
Dimensions(without reflector) 210mm x 125mm
Weight (g) 1300

NICEFOTO Light Stand

  • 5/8" Stud with 1/4" Threaded Top
  • For Heavy Duty Light Heads
  • Two Sections
  • Buffer in each Section
  • Rapid-Release Lever
  • Maximum Height 260cm
  • Maximum Load 12kg at lowest Section

The NICEFOTO LS280 is a very sturdy light stand. It can be raised up to 260cm height, yet folds to 96cm length making it very portable and great for strobist use.

The stand has metal tubing so is b yet lightweight. Will easily support up to 12kg of lights with accessories at lowest section lock.


Quality Heavy Duty Light Stand
Adjustable By Rapid-release lever
Max. Load 12kg at lowest section lock
Hhe Min. Height: 110cm: Max. Height: 260cm
Closed Length 96cm
Weight 3000g
Sections 2
Attachment Size 5/8"
Buffer Buffer in each section
Optional accessories available in our shop Tripod Bag for 3 Light Stands and Light Stand Wheels

NICEFOTO Octagonal Softbox

  • For Flash Heads
  • Highly Reflective Silver Interior
  • Detachable Front Diffuser and Fabric Grid
  • Detachable Interior Clip-on Diffuser
  • Speedring Rotates 360 Degrees with Tilt Function
  • Very Even Light Distribution
  • Fits Speed Rings for Most Popular Brands
  • Colorfast Material
  • Waterproof Material
  • Fabric Grid Controls Spill Light, Narrows Beam Spread and Adds Directional Control
  • Carry Bag Included

The NICEFOTO Octagonal Softbox has a textured silver interior for high output, removable front diffuser, removable interior baffle and fabric grid. The softboxes shape renders a signature quality of soft wrap-around light due to its large surface area and creates round, natural catchlights in your subject's eyes, making it ideal for portraiture and fashion.

The sturdy all-metal speedring with tilt function rotates 360 degrees to facilitate orientation or to clear obstacles in tight quarters.

The NICEFOTO Fabric Grid is a light modifier that attaches Rapidly to the softbox's recessed front via touch-fasteners. The grid narrows the beam spread from your softbox to control spill light and add directionality similar to a reflector, while maintaining a soft quality of light. Unlike unwieldy rigid grids, NICEFOTO fabric grids are extremely light weight and fold flat for transport in the included carry bag.


Interior reflective, silver interior
Material Nylon; Speedring and Rods Metal
Accessory Mount Bowens S (included)
Fitting Brands NICEFOTO, Bowens S, walimex VC / K + DS, Jinbei, Mettle, Aurora, Quantuum, Visico excel, Fancier, Calumet and others
Speedring Rotates 360 Degrees with Tilt Function
Light Shaper Removable Inner Baffle, Front Diffuser and Fabric Grid
Colorfast Material yes
Diameter 95cm
Weight ca. 1300g
Transport Carry Bag included

Package Includes

  • 1 x NICEFOTO A300 Flash Head incl. AC-Cord 5 Meter, Modeling Bulb E27 150W, Reflector
  • 2 x NICEFOTO Light Stand LS-280B
  • 1 x NICEFOTO Octagonal Softbox 95cm with Front Diffuser, Inner Baffle, Farbric Grid, Carry Bag

Shipment Weight: 8.6 Kg

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