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Quality hunting and shooting optics with unbeatable value for money. Founded in 1979 in Verona, the birthplace of Shakespeare's famous lovers Romeo and Juliet, Konus, a leading manufacturer of hunting and shooting optics, has just celebrated its 40th anniversary.

What started out as a humble one-man business has evolved into a large global organisation, producing quality optics, with a strong market presence in both Europe and the USA and an extensive network of international distributors currently covering 76 countries.

Universally recognised as one of the world's leading rifle scope specialists, Konus has always stood out for its highly innovative market strategy.

As a company philosophy, in fact, Konus has always sought to develop optics that are profoundly different from those of its competitors, both in terms of their superlative level of quality and their exclusive technical specifications.

Throughout its history, the brand has therefore become an important reference point for hunters and sportsmen who want optics that allow them to maximise their performance while tackling the most prohibitive challenges. For example, Konus was the first brand to develop an entire line of laser-etched reticle riflescopes, making a very special feature that was previously limited to military models accessible to the general public.

Instead of being made of wire, this type of reticle is drawn directly on the surface of the scope lens and can therefore withstand the recoil of even the most powerful firearms without breaking, snapping or shifting.

As a result, Konus riflescopes are also ideally suited to the rapidly expanding field of air guns.

The company's other major innovations include the creation of the acclaimed Konuspro M-30 rifle scope line, which combines some of the most advanced and professional technology the market has ever seen.

It is complemented by the special Konuspro T-30 line of tactical optics, which features extremely small and compact dimensions that make it absolutely ideal for tactical rifles. Konus has also distinguished itself in the field of long-distance shooting optics by introducing a highly revolutionary series of rifle scopes (called Konuspro F-30) that offers the incomparable advantages of a reticle on the first focal plane at an unprecedented price.

Much appreciated by Army Special Forces marksmen for its extreme precision and ease of use, this particular construction system had always been sold at prohibitive prices in the past due to its high manufacturing complexity.

Konus, on the other hand, has been able to offer the great advantages of the first focal plane at a fraction of their normal cost, thus providing all enthusiasts in the field with opportunities that were previously simply unthinkable.

In 2019, Konus has taken a further quantum leap forward, developing a rifle optic so sophisticated and innovative that it will make every other competitor's instrument outdated and obsolete.

Presented as a world exclusive at the Shot Show in Las Vegas and the IWA trade show in Nuremberg, the Konuspro EL-30 is unparalleled in its class. Fully electronic, it uses exclusive, patented LCD technology to select 10 interchangeable reticles for hunting, long-range shooting, intermediate use and tactical applications.

It is therefore the most advanced and versatile optical model on the market, and the only one that is truly universal and therefore has unlimited potential for every user. And this great technological evolution is also extremely accessible and affordable, with a retail price of just €399.

Another great innovation from Konus is the Konuspro-NV, which has recently allowed the company to enter the field of night vision scopes.

Entirely digital, this article immediately stood out among the most advanced in the sector thanks to its 3-8×50 optical zoom system and its special robust construction.

It is also equipped with an infrared illuminator for total darkness and an internal SD card that allows you to take photos and record videos of everything you are observing. Looking ahead to 2020, Konus has many more ambitious projects in the pipeline to make its product range even more comprehensive and to offer its customers the added benefits of a warranty and after-sales service that are second to none.
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