H&Y Pro Filter System

Logo Lume CubeFounded in 2009, H & Y quickly became a leader in high quality photo filters. Own patents prove the innovative achievements of this brand. The technologies of H & Y are of mature quality. Even some well-known brands source semi-finished products from H & Y for their production. Professional and amateur photographers around the world are thrilled by the K series. This photo filter system by H & Y is not only magnetic but also equipped with ultra-hard gorilla glass.


H & Y-Filter

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Timelapse of Stan Chang with H & amp; Y filters

Many thanks to Stan Chang, who traveled with his family through Europe for three years and H & M. Y-Filter used to make this beautiful timelapse. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and pretend to travel with him ...

Stan Chang

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The patented H & K K Series magnetic filter system. Y consists of various square and rectangular grayscale filters that you simply click on your camera lens through a magnet holder. Thanks to the magnetic attachment, the gradient filters be moved up and down steplessly so that you can adjust the gradient to the horizon in your image. Both the K-Series bracket and the filter frames are magnetic. It is therefore possible to use several filters on top of each other.

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